How to find items

I want to know what kind of survey items are available

The ” Survey items ” page categorizes and organizes survey items by field in a hierarchical structure 1. If you want to get a bird’s eye view of what questions are included in your area of interest, you can start by going to Survey items page and follow the directories in that area.

I want to look up a specific item or variable name.

If you want to pinpoint a specific item or variable, you can search for it by typing the keyword or variable name (e.g. Q1) in the search windowin the sidebar.
Note that, in principle, variable names are changed when the question is the same, but the wording of the question or the code of the choices is changed. For example, in the second survey, changes were made to the Working status option regarding the respondents themselves, so the variable names were also changed.
For items where the variable name of the item has been changed in this way, we have, in principle, provided a page explaining the change in the variable name, but it is not yet completely comprehensive at this stage. You can check “how many surveys include the variable you are using in the data” from the first survey in Data files (csv) section of each variable’s page.


The classification of the survey items is based on the JPSC Questionnaire , but there are some differences from the structure of the questionnaire.