Job (father)

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What is (was) your father’s job? (Please give details in the parentheses below, and then circle the choice below that best applies to your father.)

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  1. Agriculture, Forestry, or Fisheries (Self-employed)

  2. Agriculture, Forestry, or Fisheries (Family employee)

  3. Small (9 or fewer employees) business/factory (Self-employed)

  4. Small (9 or fewer employees) business/factory (Family workeremployee)

  5. Free enterprise (e.g. general practitioners)

  6. Managerial positions (e.g. department head of a company or higher)

  7. Professionals (hospital doctors, etc.)

  8. Engineering (technician, etc.)

  9. Teachers (elementary, junior high, high school, etc.)

  10. Clerical work (general office work, etc.)

  11. Technical/operational jobs (e.g. construction workers)

  12. Sales service jobs (clerks, etc.)

  13. Paying job at home (home worker)

  14. No job

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