Person with whom you spend the most time on weekday evenings: Third child

Variable name



Who takes care of your child on weekday evenings (around 4-6pm)? Please choose all the persons/places that apply. (Circle all pertain to you).

Third child

Select / Fill in

  1. You

  2. Child’s father

  3. Your child’s grandparents/relatives

  4. Your child’s siblings

  5. Friends of your child

  6. Neighbors and parents of your children’s friends

  7. Your friends or acquaintances

  8. Babysitter, housekeeper, etc.

  9. Nursery school, after-school program, etc.

  10. Juku, after school activities, etc.

  11. Club activities, etc.

  12. Alone (needs care)

  13. Alone (no need for care)

  14. Other

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