Person with whom the child will be with the longest during school, preschool, or kindergarten closure: Second child

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For your first through third children, including those in high school and older, which person/place did they spend the most time with during the weekday days when school, preschool, or kindergarten was closed? Please answer one from each of the above 1-14. Please write 0 for preschoolers, children who were not absent from school, and children who have already graduated from junior high school.

Second child

Select / Fill in

  1. You

  2. Child’s father

  3. Child’s grandparents/relatives

  4. Your child’s siblings

  5. Your child’s friends

  6. Neighbors and parents of your children’s friends

  7. Your friends or acquaintances

  8. Babysitter, housekeeper, etc.

  9. Nursery school, after-school program, etc.

  10. Juku, extracurricular activities, etc.

  11. Club activities, etc.

  12. Alone (needs care)

  13. Alone (no need for care)

  14. Other

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