Reason of the move (Move4)

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Please fill in the following for the 5 most recent moves to date.


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  1. Because I went on to next education.

  2. Because I took my first job.

  3. Because I was transferred to another office.

  4. Because I changed jobs.

  5. Because I got married.

  6. Because my child was born.

  7. Because my husband was transferred to another office.

  8. Because my husband changed the job

  9. Because my parent was transferred to another office or changed the job.

  10. Because I purchased a house or apartment.

  11. Because I could draw a winning ticket of living in a public apartment.

  12. Because I lived away from my parent(s).

  13. Because I lived with my parent(s).

  14. Because I and my husband cut down my commuting time.

  15. Because I bring up or educate my child(ren).

  16. Other

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  • p5b_1

  • p11c_1

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  • p21e_1